Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement

We have the absolute BEST head gasket replacement package in the Subaru repair market.

We have the best parts, best pricing, and unlike the Subaru dealers, and non-specialty shops, our gasket replacements LAST. Everyone knows about the problems with the 11044AA633 Subaru gasket. They leak oil externally. Usually from the front of the passenger side head, or the back of the driver’s side head. We see this problem re-occur with the 633 gasket over and over again – usually within 30k to 40k miles after repair.

Did you know that dealerships do not remove the engine (for cleanliness) or resurface the cylinder heads in most cases?
They are also obligated to use the 633 gasket as this is called out by the parts listings using the vehicle’s VIN number. Subaru does not want to admit there is a problem with this gasket and besides – it’s a constant revenue stream for their service departments to replace them over and over. Did you also know that Subaru solved the problem? The 633 gasket was quietly retired for the 2011 model year EJ series engines in favor of the 11044AA770 gasket that was already being used in the turbocharged 2.5 (EJ255 and EJ257) for many years. These gaskets don’t have the external leaking problems that plagued the 633. We use either the 770 or the 642 (same as the 770 but slightly different coolant porting for older cylinder heads) on all our head gasket replacements. Since using these gaskets starting in 2009, we have had ZERO repeat failures.

Our head gasket replacement package for 1999 to 2010 SOCH 2.5’s includes the upgraded 770/642 gaskets, all other gaskets and a seals from the intake to the exhaust, all new Japanese OEM timing components, Japanese water pump, OEM thermostat, spark plugs, oil and filter, and new coolant. We remove the engine from the vehicle for proper surface prep and cleanliness. Every head is surfaced and hand checked for straightness then checked for surface finish with a digital surface RA meter. The block surfaces are checked and cleaned, and the head bolt block threads are properly cleaned and chased.

This package is $3,950.00. Since the engine is being removed we additionally offer replacement of the radiator and hoses for $550 parts only (no additional labor), and we can replace the clutch and resurface the flywheel (if applicable) for $650 parts only (no additional labor). This rate only applies to non-turbo, SOHC Timing Belt driven engines.

We can also permanently repair the 96 to 99 EJ25D engine. The proper way to fix this flawed design is to replace the pistons with the 1999-2004 piston design (or replace the short block with a new Subaru OEM short block for the 99 to 04 SOHC engines) and again use the 770 style gasket with the 25D heads. This reduces the gasket thickness by 50% and provides enough rigidity to prevent head/block abrasion of the gasket and the eventual fire ring failure that occurred on the original thick gaskets. We have built many hybrid engines with this formula with great success. Contact us for details and current pricing on this repair and modification package.