Welcome to SSI,
Your new mechanic.


Whether it's an oil change or a performance engine build, you can count on SSI to provide the best possible experience. We strive to meet the highest of expectations for all our customers. We understand how important it is to earn and keep your trust when working on your vehicles.

We work on all makes and models
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  • Oil & Fluid Changes

    Need your oil or other fluid changed? If it’s your daily driver or your 500hp+ track car we have you covered. This includes transmissions, differential, brake and coolant fluids. Although we recommend and stock Amsoil products we know everys needs are different . We will gladly discuss your specific needs and provide recommendations.

  • Brakes

    Are your brakes feeling spongy? Got a squeal coming from your brakes? Looking to upgrade your stopping power? We got you covered. Let us inspect your brakes and let you know the best solution for your situation.

  • Maintenance & Diagnostics

    Whether it’s tracking down a squeak or replacing a timing belt we do it all. A slight noise ignored today might turn into a big issue later if ignored.  It’s important to follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance as it helps prolong your vehicles life. It also might prevent a costly repair overlooked due to not following the maintenance schedule.

  • Performance Upgrades & Builds

    Here at SSI we are no strangers to performance upgrades and builds. We have many years of experience building performance engines. If you are looking for some mild upgrades for a little bit more power or a complete forged build we got you covered. Chat with us today to discuss you ideas for the next step of your build.

Meet the Crew

Rick Cropper – Owner, Manager, Lead Technician & Tuner

Founded SSI in 2009 out of his garage. Formerly a software engineer and industrial machinery technician.

Forest Chatelaine – Shop Foreman, Technician

Dominic Micherone – Customer Service, Service Advisor

Jarrad Bowen – Head Tuner, COBB Pro-Tuner, PDX Tuning & Technician

Jarrad has partnered his PDX Tuning operations with SSI since 2018.