Another Subaru Tune Corrected!

One of our local competitor shops “tuned” this 2005 LGT (within the last couple months) and has recently disappeared – not responding to calls or emails. This one is notable for having a terrifying lean condition under WOT and the customer complained of extremely poor fuel economy (16 MPG – should be well over 20) and rich smell. Additionally the car was so lean under boost it was burning the paint off the bumper! This is completely opposite of what the engine wants for reliable power delivery and proper fuel economy. We performed NO maintenance or repairs prior to this re-tune. Just a baseline, and then custom DynoJet tune from our partners at PDX Tuning. See for yourself – we have marked up the dyno charts with an overview of the important areas. Come see us today to avoid a nasty surprise if you suspect your tune may be in need of this kind of help.