2013+ Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 Battery Mount

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2013+ Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86

MeLe Design Firm is an enthusiast owned CNC company out of Portland, OR. We specialize in making direct fit, lightweight battery mounts for various platforms.
Product Description:
– Locally sourced 5052 marine grade aluminum
-CNC cut in house
– Hand formed, hand finished, hand riveted
-Each mount comes with a unique serial # for authenticity and quality control
-Comes with all necessary stainless steel mounting hardware
-Direct fit, no drilling required
-Reduces vital weight at the front-end of the vehicle
-Creates usable space to custom mount various items
-Cleans up the engine bay
-Track tested (MeLe is currently being used in various forms of racing)
-Able to use Radium Engineering single catch can
-$155 in texture black powder coat
-$145 in raw aluminum finish


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